You made it! Let's get acquainted: We are Highway Horticulture, a vertically-integrated cannabis company (a fancy way to say we do everything from seed to sale) based right here in Southwest Michigan. Highway Horticulture was founded on two simple ideas:

We love Michigan! Each and every one of our 10 million fellow Michiganders; All 96,716 square miles of beauty; The whole of our sprawling 3,288 miles of coastline; Both glorious peninsulas; The Tigers, The Red Wings, The Pistons, even The Lions.

We also believe that cannabis is an amazing plant that can add immensely positive things to our lives. Whether it's for the wide range of medicinal uses, relaxation, energy (yes, it can do both!) or just to unwind with friends, we recognize that cannabis has been enhancing our lives for thousands of years.

We are creating a world-class team of professionals who are passionate about the Michigan cannabis industry, curious, dedicated, and don't shy away from a challenge! We are building an inclusive team with a wide range of ideas, experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives because we believe that smart people should hire other smart people who see things differently. It's what the best companies do and we want to be the best. So check us out, drop us a line, or apply today. So if you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you. And if you seek a pleasant place to work, one that is challenging, fun, and fulfilling, look about this page. Your next career move could be right here!